product care


Use a wood soap such as Murphy’s Oil Soap or mild detergent with warm water to clean your cane furniture. Use of a soft cloth is recommended. Rinse well and let dry in a warm area, ideally with air flow to avoid any mould or mildew. Do not sit on the seat for minimum 48 hours to avoid stretching the cane out of shape.

A small amount of lemon, orange, or mineral oil can be applied to both the top and bottom of the cane seat a few times a year to keep the cane healthy. When caring for cane, please mind the timber surround. Wood does not react well to prolonged contact with water or oil so bear this in mind during any cane treatments.


Cane has natural elastic properties but can begin to sag with heavy or prolonged use as a seat. It is important to tighten the cane or it will begin to wear and break.

When sagging is caught early, seats can be revived by turning the chair upside-down and applying a warm, wet cloth to the underside. Let the cloth and cane dry naturally overnight. Remove the cloth the next morning and turn the chair upright and leave to rest for a minimum of 48 hours. This treatment will dry and shrink the cane again, tightening it up in the process, taking the pressure off the inside wooden edges. This method can also used as a preventative measure to prolong the life of your cane, to be done 3 to 4 times a year.

In the case of heavy use, a chair pad or cushion is recommended to prolong the life of your caned seat.


Do not store or use cane or wicker furniture in high humidity areas or in wet areas where mould and mildew can present a problem.


Keep cane chairs and furniture away from extreme heat situations and areas with low humidity. Placement in direct sunlight or next to radiators should be avoided whenever possible. These conditions could cause the cane to dry out, become brittle, and break.

Weight must be distributed evenly on a caned seat.

Never kneel on a cane seat or use it as a step stool. Doing so will cause the cane strands to break and the seat will need to be rewoven prematurely.